New York Lenders and Creditors Attorneys

Lenders and creditors rely on Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P. C., with respect to lien filings, commercial financing matters and transactions. We have experience with many aspects of commercial financing, including protecting lenders during foreclosure proceedings.

Lenders and Creditors Rely on Mackay, Caswell & Callahan

Attorney Joseph Callahan has over 30 years of experience representing commercial lenders, residential lenders, and matters involving business law and tax law. He has represented numerous lenders and creditors during his career. Smaller lenders also trust him to protect their interests in secured lending transactions. Please contact us online or call our office toll free at 844-MCC-4TAX arrange an appointment with a New York commercial lending lawyer.

Lenders’ Rights in Secured Real Estate Transactions

Private lenders, banks and credit unions often need legal counsel to avoid errors in secured real estate lending transactions that could result in the loss of their secured position. With our experience in this area of law, we can assist financial institutions and lenders with traditional mortgage lending as well as more complex financing structures such as:

  • Term loans
  • Non-mortgage financing
  • Personal guarantees of principals
  • Assignments or pledges of stock as collateral
  • Assignments of business assets and equipment as collateral
  • General and specific security agreements

To ensure the lender is protected in foreclosure and litigation, we prepare security agreements and guaranty documents. In addition, we can assist lenders with the right to demand additional security from borrowers. If a debtor defaults on a loan, the firm can work with the lender on loan workouts and, if necessary, the enforcement of foreclosure.

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