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If you are a business owner you know all too well how important it is to protect your assets. However, you can’t do it alone. Rochester business attorney Joseph M. Callahan Esq. will provide you with experienced business counsel in Rochester. As managing shareholder at Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C., Joe has both the education and the experience to work closely with businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you operate a startup or a multi-level conglomerate, you will need experienced legal counsel to guide you through transactions, transfers and all phases your business will face throughout its life.

Do you know New York State business law?

Chances are you may not well-versed in every single legal matter involved with your business. You may be a competent CEO but that doesn’t mean you understand every aspect of your company’s financial and legal well being. This is both Joe’s bread and butter. With over 35+ years of business law under his belt, he has both the education and experience to guide you through the choppy waters of business operations.

Minimize risk with a Rochester business attorney

Businesses of all sizes face risks on a regular basis. Joe both analyzes those risks for you and ensures that your company’s bottom line is protected. Most companies remain vulnerable to risk if they don’t work with qualified legal counsel. Mr. Callahan will provide your business with adequate representation. Moreover, he will anticipate problems before they arise and facilitate everything from acquisitions, mergers, contracts, security of trade secrets, real estate purchases, and assessments. Joe certifies that your company is in compliance with New York State law and helps safeguard your assets.

Cost-effective and timely advice

Joe doesn’t shy away from providing optimal legal advice. He both possesses a vast knowledge of the legal system and is a leading Rochester business attorney for a reason: he gets results. Time is money and Joe will not waste either. His goal is provide you with both cost-effective and timely advice to propel your business into the future.

As your business continues to strive, Joe will provide you with representation and counsel such as:

Contact Joe and he’ll take care of business, your business.

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