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Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreements for Buyers and Sellers

Unfair competition law prohibits competitors from stealing trade secrets, clients, customer accounts and additional proprietary business information. Despite these laws, however, business owners often need legal representation to protect their interests from competitors and former employees. A noncompete agreement can help.

Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P. C., provides experienced counsel for small- to medium-sized businesses needing protection from unfair competition by drafting agreements for owners, buyers and sellers of businesses. Clients rely on the breadth of our business law knowledge in creating agreements that provide comprehensive protection for confidential information, employees and clients. To schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys, please contact us online or call toll free 844-MCC-4TAX or contact us online.

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Helping Clients Avoid Noncompete Pitfalls

In most cases, a general nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement is not sufficient to protect the time, resources and capital you have invested in your business. Specific provisions must be included to cover the full range of noncompete and nonsolicitation issues important to your business. This may include the duration and geographical scope of noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation of customers and no-raid provisions.

The firm represents buyers and sellers with noncompete/nonsolicitation issues such as a buyer who needs to ensure the previous owner of the business will not start a new business that provides the same goods or services to the same clients. We also represent sellers who need to protect trade secrets and other confidential information provided to a potential buyer during their evaluation of the company.

Our lawyers can assist your business with all aspects of noncompete and nonsolicitation matters. Please call our office at 315-472-5201 to arrange an appointment with a New York nonsolicitation agreement attorney.

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