Audit risk

What’s YOUR Audit Risk?

For those who itemize their tax return, understanding the differences in risk between tax deductions is highly beneficial. Not all tax deductions carry equal audit risk. Though all deductions will reduce a taxpayer’s taxable income, certain deductions carry more risk of an IRS audit than others. In part, this follows from the substantiation requirements of […]

debt collection

Debt Collection Techniques

Falling into debt is unfortunate on many levels. Debt can damage your credit, especially if you fall behind on any repayment schedules. Some types of debt are preferable to others, but being debt free is always the best state. One of the negative things which can stem from having debt is dealing with communication from debt collectors. Debt […]

IRS Tax statute

Limits on IRS Collections

Dealing with IRS tax debt can be a very onerous task. If you have unpaid tax debt, this can lead to a variety of negative consequences. You can have your wages garnished, your bank account frozen, or have other valuables seized. To combat tax debt, we’ve discussed some of the resolution options which taxpayers can […]

New York Budget

New York Budget Issues

Last year, we discussed the creation of the state budget here in New York. This was useful because it highlighted the current issues facing our state. This year, the state government settled on a budget of roughly $175.5 billion. This year’s budget responded to a variety of causes and concerns. After its passage, the government continued to hash […]

tax levy

Tax Levy Strategies

Learning about tax terminology and basic tax concepts is important. That’s why we devote so much effort toward this task. But it’s equally important to know how to respond when the IRS attempts to enforce your back tax debt. Tax knowledge is supremely important, but this is partly because knowledge enables you to act properly when the time arises. […]

IRS wage garnishments

IRS Wage Garnishments & You

We’ve discussed IRS wage garnishments on our blog in the not-too-distant past. As you may recall, garnishments are legal orders which allow a creditor to forcibly seize assets from a debtor. Or, in legal terminology, they allow a plaintiff to forcibly seize from a defendant. In the vast majority of cases, garnishments involve seizing wages directly from the employer of […]

IRS levy

Avoiding An IRS Levy

Most people are aware that failing to pay federal taxes will lead to some serious negative consequences. However, few people, aside from experts, know precisely what can happen to those who fall behind. For those who willfully evade taxes, most people know that doing so will carry potential criminal prosecution. But what about those who […]


The Historic Starker Case

Although the 1031 industry is relatively new, going back just several decades, Section 1031 is nearly 100 years old. The 1031 industry has come about only because the Treasury Regulations have codified delayed exchanges and established the role of facilitators. Before these regulations, the contours of 1031 exchanges were still quite fuzzy. Repeatedly, courts stressed that the […]

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