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Danish taxation

U.S. Lessons From Danish Taxation

Discuss U.S. taxation with an American citizen for any length of time and there’s a good chance that, there’ll be a comparison to European tax systems. Most Americans lack knowledge of the finer details of European taxation.  Nonetheless, they’re deeply fascinated with the relatively high tax rate systems currently in place in various European states. For […]

Starbucks' European tax

Starbucks’ European Tax Controversy 

As we mentioned earlier in our post about Apple’s repatriation tax, multinational corporate juggernauts often use creative – and sometimes ethically questionable – means to reduce their tax burden. Corporations such as Apple and Google often shift corporate funds between neighboring states for favorable tax treatment. Starbucks’ European tax controversy reveals that the company also engages […]

Vancouver’s Foreign Buyer Transfer Tax

Vancouver’s Foreign Buyer Transfer Tax

Though we tend to focus on tax news and tax developments happening here in New York, it’s useful to look elsewhere.  We occasionally take a peek at tax news from other parts of the country and around the globe. This isn’t just for entertainment purposes.  Sometimes a development in one part of the country, or another part […]

Apple’s Repatriation Tax

The Case for Apple’s Repatriation Tax 

There is well-established tradition of large, uber-profitable corporations getting creative to lower tax liability. Again and again, the business world has seen multinational corporate juggernauts expend great energy to dodge the taxman.  They do so, of course, to preserve as much of their cash reserves as possible. This trend has not slowed down.  It has, in fact, increased […]


10 Bizarre Taxes Around the World

Taxes are literally as old as civilization. The ancient Egyptians developed a primitive form of of them. They involved setting aside a certain portion of one’s crops to be given to the pharaoh; various other types have existed in every stage of recorded history. Because they’ve been around for so long, there’s been enough time for […]

IRS Reporting

Canadian Retirement Account Reporting

There are new IRS reporting rules today concerning Caanadian retirement plans.  The IRS advises that it has finally eliminated a special annual reporting requirement that long applied to taxpayers with an interest in two popular Canadian retirement plans. The two types of plans are known as registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and registered retirement income funds […]

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