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FATCA Compliance Requirements

Back in 2010, former President Barack Obama signed into law the HIRE Act in an effort to accelerate recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. The HIRE act – short for Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment – endorsed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) at the time it was passed. FATCA is a highly significant […]

Notice 2014-21

IRS Notice 2014-21 & Virtual Currency

In a previous article, we discussed in detail the content of a recently IRS statement on virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, tax collection. The statement, IRS Notice IR-2019-132, says 10,000+ letters will be sent out this month to individuals with virtual currency accounts. In its statement, the IRS also made reference to an earlier piece of material on […]

Virtual Currency Taxation

The IRS & Virtual Currency Taxation

The IRS recently released a statement discussing its latest attempt to enforce tax collection. The recent statement relates to cryptocurrency and non-crypto virtual currency taxation. The statement is IR-2019-132. It describes how the IRS is sending out over 10,000 letters to taxpayers as part of a tax enforcement effort. The letters is addressed to taxpayers […]

IRS wage garnishments

IRS Wage Garnishments & You

We’ve discussed IRS wage garnishments on our blog in the not-too-distant past. As you may recall, garnishments are legal orders which allow a creditor to forcibly seize assets from a debtor. Or, in legal terminology, they allow a plaintiff to forcibly seize from a defendant. In the vast majority of cases, garnishments involve seizing wages directly from the employer of […]

IRS levy

Avoiding An IRS Levy

Most people are aware that failing to pay federal taxes will lead to some serious negative consequences. However, few people, aside from experts, know precisely what can happen to those who fall behind. For those who willfully evade taxes, most people know that doing so will carry potential criminal prosecution. But what about those who […]

Seek Tax Debt Relief

How to Get Tax Debt Relief

Tax debt can occur for any number of reasons. Certain types of workers are more likely to slip into tax debt than others. Those who work as independent contractors, for instance, commonly fall into tax debt because they calculate their tax liability incorrectly. Independent contractors are those who receive Form 1099 at the close of […]

Fresh Start Program

Key Facts About the Fresh Start Program

Here at MCC, we provide a range of useful tax and business law services for our clients. Our clients have a diverse set of needs and we take price in delivering results for those needs. But, as with all firms, we tend to concentrate our practice in certain areas more than others. One of our main […]

IRS wage garnishment

IRS Wage Garnishment & You

Back in December, we discussed garnishments in our blog. As you may recall, garnishments are legal orders which allow a creditor to forcibly seize assets from a debtor. Or, in legal terminology, they allow a plaintiff to forcibly seize assets from a defendant. In the vast majority of cases, garnishments involve seizing wages directly from […]

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