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Fresh Start Program

Key Facts About the Fresh Start Program

Here at MCC, we provide a range of useful tax and business law services for our clients. Our clients have a diverse set of needs and we take price in delivering results for those needs. But, as with all firms, we tend to concentrate our practice in certain areas more than others. One of our main […]

Refinance Student Loans

Why Refinance Student Loans

Lately, we have covered the issue of student loan debt from a variety of angles. See, e.g., Should the Government Forgive Student Loan Debt, January 31, 2019; and Strategies For Paying Off Student Loan Debt, December 21, 2018, and Can Student Loan Debt Ever Be Discharged, December 5, 2018. This is not surprising: millennials are […]

Best Tax Attorney

Best Tax Attorney Traits

Just as there are certain cases more commonly encountered than others, certain traits are more valuable among tax attorneys than others. To be a successful tax attorney, a person needs a solid educational foundation, good mentors, and adequate practical training. But really successful tax attorneys need a few more things. Because of the stakes involved, […]

Student Loan Forgiveness

Should the Government Forgive Student Loans?

One of the most pressing issues facing the millennial generation is college debt. The typical millennial college graduate leaves school with a sizable debt load. A small but significant minority of millennials owe six figures. The total amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is above $1 trillion and exceeds credit card debt. The big […]

Refinance Student Loan

How to Refinance Student Loan to Your Benefit

Lately, we’ve covered the issue of student loan debt from a variety of angles. We’ve looked at whether student loan debt can be discharged. We’ve also looked at strategies for how to pay off student loan debt . Our coverage shouldn’t be surprising. Millennials are currently saddled with heavy amounts of student loan debt. In fact, millennials are having trouble meeting […]

Student Loan Debt

Strategies for Paying Off Student Loan Debt 

Recently, we discussed the conditions under which it may be possible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. As we saw, discharging student debt in bankruptcy is very difficult. The vast majority of student loan debtors should not consider bankruptcy as a viable option to resolving their debt. A few people who meet the strict “undue hardship” standard […]

Debt Relief

Do You Qualify For Debt Relief?

In earlier posts, we’ve devoted considerable time and energy to discussing common debt related terminology. We’ve discussed terminology associated with debt consolidation, for instance. This terminology is critical to grasping this important topic.  Accordingly, our readers should definitely take time to master it. We’ve also covered concepts related to tax debt resolution, concepts such as offer-in-compromise, installment agreements and […]

Student Loan Debt

Can Student Loan Debt Ever Be Discharged? 

The old saying, about death and taxes being the two certainties in life, is outdated.  These days, debt is the third certainty.  No matter how much Americans plan and structure their finances, many seem destined to be saddled with debt. We’ve discussed this plenty of times on our blog before.  We’ve even published a glossary […]

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