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Experience Counts in Complex Business Disputes

When there is disagreement between principals, the future of the business itself may be at serious risk. Shareholder disputes — whether about breach of fiduciary duty, dissolution or majority/minority shareholder issues — require counsel from a business law attorney who understands the complexities of your business.

Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C., is an established business law firm providing legal counsel to both private and public companies. We have considerable experience with business matters as well as the resolution of shareholder disputes. You can either call our office toll free at 844-MCC-4TAX, or contact us online, to arrange an appointment with a New York/Connecticut partnership dispute lawyer.

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Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Putting the right contracts in place first minimizes the potential for shareholder disputes and makes it easier to resolve any that arise. This may include noncompete agreements, terms for selling stock, voting trust provisions, and a valuation provision for the death, disability or voluntary/involuntary retirement of a principal. Our attorneys will review existing contracts or draft new agreements that meet your unique needs.

Minority-majority shareholder disputes are common causes of business litigation. An attorney can protect the minority shareholders’ rights.  That’s typically done through litigation and actions such as temporary restraining orders to prevent the wasting of assets.

Additionally, we can assist you with employment agreement disputes.  These typically involve benefits, compensation, wage and hour complaints, the location, terms and conditions of employment, grounds for termination and moral turpitude clauses. We also represent professionals such as doctors or financial advisers who need legal help maintaining their professional licenses due to allegations of license violations.

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