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Correctly setting up either a shareholder agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement at the outset is critical.  It’s also a crucial element of protecting the business in the future. In addition to positioning the company for its best tax advantage from inception, the right agreements can eliminate the need for future litigation.

At Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C., our New York/Connecticut attorney takes a long-term approach to business formation, tax and contract issues.  We try to always look ahead to what may help your business prosper. Our extensive business law experience allows us to consider all possible entity options and their tax consequences. You can either call our office toll free at 844-MCC-4TAX, or contact us online to arrange an appointment to discuss shareholder and partnerships.

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The Decisions That Will Affect the Business in the Future

After discussing your business objectives, we will consider the risks, benefits and tax liabilities of the relevant business entities, including:

  • LLCs, which can be taxed as a partnership or corporation;
  • S corporations, which are not taxed at the corporation level with all income and deductions going to the shareholders; and
  • C corporations, which pay taxes at the corporation level with shareholders also paying taxes on dividends

Additional issues to discuss at the inception of a business include the terms for the eventual sale of stock, voting trust provisions, and valuation provisions for death, disability, and voluntary or involuntary retirement. Our attorneys can draft buy-sell agreements that will protect your company from these circumstances without interrupting business. We may also recommend that privately held companies purchase key-person life insurance to cover potential losses.

You can contact us for assistance, both resolving and litigating disputes, arising from disagreements between principals, such as majority versus minority shareholders. We understand that litigation is also expensive and time-consuming; that’s we strive to resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner.

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