Offer in Compromise (OIC)

Offer in Compromise (OIC) Attorney

Taxpayers who are unable to pay their IRS or state tax liability may be able to reduce the amount they owe.  An offer in compromise is the typical vehicle to use to accomplish that goal.  Both the IRS and the states have similar programs available. Filing and negotiating an OIC is a complex procedure that typically requires a tax professional to be successful.

With law offices in New York City, our attorneys handle IRS, New York State and Connecticut OIC proceedings. Attorney Joseph Callahan has over 35 years of legal experience as well as a master’s degree in accounting. He also has extensive tax law experience in many areas, including offers in compromise and installment payment arrangements.

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Benefits of an Offer in Compromise

An OIC is an agreement between the government and the taxpayer stating that the government will accept payment that is less than the amount the taxpayer owes. If the government accepts the OIC, it is the taxpayer’s duty to comply with payment and filing requirements over the next five years.

Acceptance of an OIC is typically granted when there is doubt about the taxpayer’s liability or ability to pay the entire amount owed. Occasionally, an OIC will be accepted based on effective tax administration, which requires proof that paying the amount owed would create economic hardship or is unfair.

Regardless of the type of OIC, your tax attorney will negotiate the appropriate terms of the agreement and the amount of your payment with the IRS and/or state tax agents. Payments are usually lump sum payments or made in installments.

Knowing when to file an OIC is also important; our tax attorneys have the comprehensive knowledge of tax law that is invaluable when determining a filing date.

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