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New York/Connecticut Criminal Tax Evasion Lawyer

Income tax evasion and other tax fraud charges can be filed against either an individual or a business. If either you or your business is facing a criminal tax investigation, it’s critical that you have a tax defense lawyer to help you protect yourself. Don’t make statements to tax investigators without first speaking with a NY/Connecticut tax evasion lawyer!

Call a tax attorney as soon as you suspect you or your business may be under investigation. At Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C., we represent both people and businessess under investigation by tax authorities.  With an office in Manhattan, help is available throughout nearly all of New York State and Connecticut.  Our criminal tax defense attorney has the experience to assist both you or your business with tax fraud charges.  We can walk yoou through the process from the initial investigative stage through the later, prosecution stages of the matter.

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Tax Evasion Considerations

To be considered a criminal tax violation, the tax evasion, or tax fraud case, must have been committed intentionally. We can help you prove that it was either accidental or a misinterpretation of the facts. If the fraud was intentional, we can attempt to also help minimize penalties, which can include fines and prison time.

Many times, people are unaware of their rights in criminal tax cases. Mackay, Caswell & Callahan works to protect you from the power of the federal or state government. Either has the authority to arrest you for criminal tax fraud. IRS criminal investigation division (CID) agents may interview you, your family and business partners as part of their investigation.

In some cases, the ATF, DEA or FBI may also be involved. If these agencies are part of the investigation, we must determine what aspects of your case they are examining. This information will affect our defense strategy.

We take cases involving all types of tax fraud, including falsifying records, inflating personal or business expenses, taking false deductions or unallowable credits, not filing taxes, money laundering, embezzlement, abusive foreign trust schemes and false billing.

If you are the subject of an audit that continues for a long time, call a tax lawyer at Mackay, Caswell & Callahan immediately; this may be an indication that the IRS is waiting to file criminal tax evasion charges. We will work to keep your case from progressing from the investigative stage to the prosecution stage.

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