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Syracuse tax attorney Joe Callahan is here to help you with your IRS and New York Department of Taxation and Finance matters. They’re both tenacious and don’t stop until they’re satisfied you’ve paid as much of your tax debt as possible, as quickly as possible. And remember, they’re in the business of tax collection, not tax forgiveness! That’s where Joe comes in. He understands that taxes create high stress levels for individuals and businesses, especially when there are large dollar amounts involved or criminal liability charged. Joe will work to find a solution based on your specificcircumstances, and he strives to do it in a timely and cost efficient fashion.

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Joe Callahan Instills Confidence

Joe Callahan is a member of the New York State Bar Association and is the Managing Attorney of Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C.

But Joe’s not just a New York tax attorney. Rather, its important to note that befroe he practiced law, Joe became a Certified Public Accountant, licensed by the State of Maryland. His education in both fields is a dynamic combination which gives him increased insight into complex tax issues.

Joe earned his B.S. in Public Relations in 1981 and, unusually, a joint M.S. in Accounting and Juris Doctorate in 1986, all from Syracuse University. Joe began his career in tax as a State & Local Tax Consultant for Deloitte in Manhattan. Joe’s busy formative years are now combined with over 35 years’ experience representing people with tax matters and make him well-qualified to assess the complexities of your tax matters.

You’re Not Alone

Taxation, and the laws governing it, is a delicate matter. You don’t want to accidentally commit tax fraud, or otherwise compromise your personal or financial well-being. Whatever your tax problem, Joe Callahan is well versed in many types of complicated tax matters including but not limited to:

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) disclosures

Voluntary Disclosures

Offers in Compromise

Installment Payment Arrangements

Tax Fraud

Tax Evasion

Audits and Tax Investigations

There’s no question that a tax attorney is necessary in many tax situations.  And people often require help from someone with more than just general legal, or even accounting, experience. As not everyone keeps up with the ever-changing tax laws, it pays to know who you can turn to for solid tax law advice, and keep your stress level lower in the long run.

Serving Upstate New York

Mr. Callahan’s clientele includes many residents and businesses that know and respect the quality and depth of his legal expertise. As a result, Joe has numerous positive reviews attesting to his service and skill as New York and Connecticut tax attorney. In many instances, Joe has been critical to the survival of his small business clients, and has saved many both time and money with his help on complex tax issues.

Trust Tax Attorney Joe Callahan

Joe’s work ethic and approachability have earned him many loyal clients, and his reviews are exceptional. He does everything possible to make sure a tax dispute or legal matter is completed to his client’s satisfaction.  Not only that; he’ll work to do it in a timely and cost efficient manner. Joe treats all his clients the same way, whether they’re in need of back tax relief, charged by the IRS or a state Criminal Investigation Division, or the subject of a sales tax audit. Joe’s personal motto is ‘Straight Talk, Effective Solutions,” and he strives to give you honesty, compassion, and the best possible result.

Joe’s goal is to ensure that his clients’ are confident and secure in the knowledge that his firm is handling their tax cases. When you procure Joe’s services, you’ll have experienced New York tax counsel and staff.  Each will work for you to settle your tax dispute.  Each will do their absolute best to see that you get the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

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Don’t let tax troubles ruin your life. Contact us online or talk to Syracuse tax attorney Joe Callahan and let him help bring you peace of mind.

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