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IRS Audit Statistics

Recent IRS Audit Statistics

On the whole, the chance of an audit of a person’s personal income tax return in any given year is low. This is true regardless of whether a person’s income is high or low. To be sure, this statement is a generality. But any discussion of IRS audit statistics necessarily starts with generalities and drills […]

IRS tax audit

The Stats on IRS Audit Probability 

For many citizens, receiving an IRS audit ranks among the most terrifying possibilities they can imagine. An IRS audit is undeniably a very stressful ordeal. They require a great deal of energy and effort to navigate successfully. Consequently, one common audit questions from taxpayers is, given my facts and circumstances, what is the probability of an audit? Every […]

Correspondence Audit

What is a Correspondence Audit?

In short, a correspondence audit is an IRS audit that’s performed through the mail. The majority of IRS audits – over two-thirds – are correspondence audits. Rather than a full-blown, in-person examination of your assets, a correspondence audit simply requests that you mail in certain documentation supporting specific parts of your return. Here’s what you […]

5 Tips for Getting Through Your Upcoming Audit

Getting Through Your Upcoming Audit: 5 Big Tips

Most taxpayers will never experience an audit simply because the chances of getting audited are less than one percent. But, if you’re one of the unlucky few, don’t despair – with help, you can get through an IRS audit and survive. Here are 5 tips for getting through your upcoming audit. 1) Read the Letter […]

Documents the IRS Auditor Will Request

Documents the IRS Auditor Will Request

If you’ve been selected for an audit, you may wonder which documents you’ll need to provide. You are required by law to keep any records you used to prepare your tax return for at least three years after the date the return was filed. Although it might be overwhelming and frightening, it might not be as bad […]

tax attorney meeting

Tips for Preparing for Your First Tax Attorney Meeting

Dealing with taxes and meeting with an attorney can be two of the most overwhelming and stressful parts of life. However, with the right legal team, you will find that both taxes and lawyer meetings can be less complicated than you think. Once you have scheduled your tax attorney meeting, make sure you get the […]

IRS tax audit

5 Common Reasons for an IRS Tax Audit

If you make money, chances are you also pay personal income taxes. Although the phrase IRS tax audit often scares people, most taxpayers don’t have anything to worry about. If you’re not actively trying to pay less than you should be, an audit is really just a double check on the accuracy of your numbers. […]

when you don't pay taxes

5 Bad Things Happen When You Don’t Pay Taxes

Most people have payroll taxes and income tax withholding taken out of every paycheck, but that doesn’t happen if you have your own business or do freelance work. No matter how you earn your income, though, you still have an obligation to pay taxes. When you don’t pay taxes, though, you could be looking at […]

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