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Investment Real Estate tax

The 4 Layers of Investment Real Estate Tax

When an investor sells investment real estate, they face not just a single layer of taxation but several layers. That’s why Section 1031 is such a potent weapon. In total, taxpayers face up to four distinct layers of investment real estate tax.  They come into play when taxpayer’s                    […]

U.S. v. Winthrop

U.S. v. Winthrop & Ordinary Income 

In the past, we’ve discussed how capital gain treatment of a given transaction (or series of transactions) depends on a variety of factors. In cases where there is uncertainty regarding the treatment of a transaction, courts will perform an independent analysis based on the particular facts of the case, but they will also give weight to established principles. Receiving […]

Capital Gains

Pillars of Capital Gains Treatment 

One of the fundamental distinctions in taxation is the distinction between ordinary income and capital gain. In general, ordinary income is any income from typical business activities.  Capital gains, meanwhile, results from investment activities. If you generate income from a business you own, or earn money as employee wages, it is ordinary income.  If you sell […]

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Key Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Points 

Tax is a constantly evolving field, endlessly shifting and changing in response to public expectations and societal needs. If you take a break from the tax field and return, there’s a good chance you’ll be a bit clueless. This is true even for those who only take a very short break. Tax law changes rapidly. Accordingly, it’s imperative […]

Bitcoin taxation

The Shifting Sands of Bitcoin Taxation 

The rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has brought about a whole new set of fascinating taxation issues. Currently, the market value of bitcoin is in the low $8,000 range, as of today it is approximately $8,270. Its value has fluctuated widely over the past several years. At its peak, bitcoin boasted a market price of […]

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