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sales suppression

Sales Suppression Software Cases on the Rise

Sales suppression software cases are becoming more and more common. The use of sales suppression software, aka tax zapper software, involves software that modifies the reports generated by a point of sale, or POS, software system. Washington v. Sahagun The case we want to look at today involved a Washington State restaurant owner named Salvador […]

New York Budget

New York Budget Issues

Last year, we discussed the creation of the state budget here in New York. This was useful because it highlighted the current issues facing our state. This year, the state government settled on a budget of roughly $175.5 billion. This year’s budget responded to a variety of causes and concerns. After its passage, the government continued to hash […]

Form IT 2663

New York’s Form IT-2663

Here on our blog at MC&C, we’ve come up with a variety of ways to educate our readers and create value. One such way is the discussion of various tax concepts. Aside from this, another way is shedding light on the many different aspects of taxation here in New York State. One thing we haven’t […]


Why Maine’s Budget Matters

Here at MC&C, we tend to focus quite a bit on the matters taking place in New York State. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t occasionally pay attention to what’s going on elsewhere. We’ve looked at how other states view Sec. 1031 exchanges, for instance. We’ve also covered budget issues faced by other states. […]

New York trust taxation

New York Trust Taxation

New York State income taxation of trusts can be a tricky subject. There are many pieces of information to take in. A trust is taxed at the federal level. But trusts are also subject to tax in the State of New York. Tax planning for trusts in New York requires a highly sophisticated analysis. There […]

NYS sales tax audits

How to Prevent NYS Sales Tax Audits

Sales taxes are one of the most common forms of transactional taxes. Almost all the states in these United States impose statewide sales taxes on business transactions. There are some notable exceptions, however. Oregon, for instance, famously does not impose a statewide sales tax. If you walk into a hardware store in Portland, Oregon, and […]

Recent Sales Tax Scandals

In our blog, we’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing tax and financial scandals which have made major headlines. For instance, we’ve discussed the bankruptcies and tax problems faced by prominent celebrities. We’ve also examined insider trading cases. These kinds of stories are very useful for many reasons. For one, these stories show how […]

State Law & 1031 Facilitators

In the past, we’ve touched on various issues related to state taxation of 1031 exchanges. For instance, in our post on New York State, we mentioned the requirements which pertain to state tax withholding, tax forms, and the layers of tax which can apply. We’ve also discussed the unique case of Pennsylvania. As you may recall, […]

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