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Tax Warrants

Understanding New York Tax Warrants 

Falling behind on tax obligations is a very common phenomenon.  It can happen for a whole variety of reasons. As New Yorkers, we understand, perhaps better than anybody, the difficulty of balancing life with past and current tax obligations. It’s very common for New York taxpayers to get caught up with their many other responsibilities.  […]

NYC Tax Returns

A Guide to Filing NYC Tax Returns

The tax system here in the State of New York is a complex, layered system involving various kinds of taxes, forms, credits and exemptions. A survey of this vast system shows that it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by its complexity. Most New York taxpayers have precious little time to devote to mastering the […]

Seattle Head Tax

Amazon’s New York HQ2 & the Seattle Head Tax

As we’ve seen time and time again, cities and states always find new ways to generate additional revenue. No matter what else, governments always try to impose new taxes on their citizens.  That’s because they largely seek to provide public services and create a more equitable society.  With Long Island City a leading contender for Amazon’s […]

California's Soda Tax

Why California’s Soda Tax Matters to New York

By now, our readers should be quite familiar with the basic concept, purpose and distribution of soda taxes. As we’ve discussed, soda taxes are a specific example of sin taxes.  As we’ve discussed, sin taxes are designed to both deter harmful consumption and also fill the coffers of state treasuries. State and local governments throughout the country […]

Soda Taxes

States with Soda Taxes 

In the past, we’ve devoted a bit of time to discussing “sin taxes” as a general concept.  We’ve identified and discussed several specific sin taxes from around the nation. Sin taxes serve multiple purposes.  For one, they are an additional source of revenue for state coffers.  They also offset some of the costs placed on […]

OIC tax attorney

How to Hire an OIC Tax Attorney

We’ve covered offers-in-compromise (OICs) before in our blog posts.  That’s for good reason: here at Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, tax relief is a major area of our practice.  OICs can be a very attractive option for resolving back tax debt in certain cases. When someone owes tax debt to the IRS, he or she can submit an OIC.  It […]

New York Voluntary Disclosure

New York Voluntary Disclosure & Compliance Program 

When someone begins to resolve their debts, the most valuable tool they can have is knowledge. Without tit, debtors can easily miss out on opportunities to reduce or eliminate debt. By extension, taxpayers often fail to fully maximize their overall financial situation. That’s because they just don’t have the knowledge necessary to fully understand their options.  […]

New Jersey Budget

New Jersey Budget Issues In 2018

Because we’re here in New York, it follows that most of our posts deal with New York State. Whether it’s the business franchise tax, or the treatment of sole proprietorships, or the ways in which New York State has responded to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, we’ve covered a wide variety of issues from a […]

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