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Basics of the New York MTA Tax

Residents of New York State face a wide range of local taxes. For instance, New York has a fairly cumbersome tobacco tax, and there’s even a possibility that a new “soda tax” may be implemented in the future. Those living in the greater New York City metropolitan area, however, are uniquely subject to the MTA Tax. The MTA Tax, more formally […]

New York Offer in Compromise

How Do You Make a New York Offer in Compromise?

As we’ve discussed before, an offer in compromise (OIC) is one of the best means to settle your back tax liability for less than the full amount. OICs have been used to help literally millions of Americans bring either their federal or state accounts up-to-date and begin on a fresh track. In New York State, taxpayers can submit an […]

New York taxpayers

New York Taxpayers Versus Other Americans

Though all American taxpayers are subject to the same federal system of taxation, New York taxpayers face a higher than average tax burden. Many people forget or never focus on the wide variation in state level taxation. State level taxation varies both in terms of degree and kind: states impose a wide range of income, sales and property […]

Resolve Unpaid Tax Debt

How to Resolve Unpaid Tax Debt in New York

If you or any other New Yorker should find yourself in a situation in which you’re panicking about how to deal with back tax debt, the first piece of advice you need to absorb is this: don’t panic, because you have options. In the U.S., at both the state and federal level, the tax system is not intended […]

New York back taxes

4 Ways to Repay New York Back Taxes

Whether it’s federal or state, it’s never good news to find out you owe taxes. In many cases, we aren’t prepared to pay what we owe in full and just don’t have the kind of money on hand that you need to pay back taxes. Thankfully, if you owe New York back taxes, you have […]

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