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Illegal Activities Taxable

Is Income from Illegal Activities Taxable?

The U.S. Tax Code is a very curious thing. It contains more words than the Bible, a lot more.  In fact, it has enough rules to make even the sharpest mind a bit puzzled from time to time. When we think of Tax Code violations, we often picture an ambitious employee seeking to maximize a […]

tax evasion

A Look at Celebrity Tax Evasion

So far, we’ve devoted a couple of blog posts to look at the celebrity financial difficulties. We’ve looked at celebrity bankruptcies and, more generally, looked at celebrity tax troubles.  Here, we’d like to continue this review.  Accordingly, in this post, we’re going to look at a few public figures who’ve gotten themselves into really big […]

Al Capone Tax Evasion

The Al Capone Tax Evasion Case

Alphonse Capone – typically known as “Al” Capone – was a notorious gangster who, at the height of his power, ran and commanded one of the most profitable criminal organizations in history. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899 to parents of Italian descent, Capone began his criminal career early and by his mid-20s he had gained […]

tax attorney meeting

Tips for Preparing for Your First Tax Attorney Meeting

Dealing with taxes and meeting with an attorney can be two of the most overwhelming and stressful parts of life. However, with the right legal team, you will find that both taxes and lawyer meetings can be less complicated than you think. Once you have scheduled your tax attorney meeting, make sure you get the […]

criminal tax evasion

What is IRS Criminal Tax Evasion?

Fortunately, your chances of the IRS charging you with tax evasion or criminal tax evasion are minimal. The IRS initiates criminal tax evasion investigations against less than 2% of all the taxpayers in America. Out of that number, only around 20% face fines or criminal charges. However, it’s important to be aware of the activities […]

income tax fraud

Is It Income Tax Fraud or Negligence?

Tax season is not usually something most people look forward to, primarily because of the stress that comes with attempting to of get your taxes done without making costly errors. While most people don’t purposely file their taxes incorrectly, there are some out there who look to cut corners in order to pay less than […]

when you don't pay taxes

5 Bad Things Happen When You Don’t Pay Taxes

Most people have payroll taxes and income tax withholding taken out of every paycheck, but that doesn’t happen if you have your own business or do freelance work. No matter how you earn your income, though, you still have an obligation to pay taxes. When you don’t pay taxes, though, you could be looking at […]

Foreign Bank Account Report

Foreign Bank Account Report Mistakes

If an American taxpayer has a financial interest in, or signature authority over, a foreign financial account, including a bank account, brokerage account, mutual fund, trust, or other type of foreign financial account, exceeding certain statutory thresholds, that taxpayer may be required to report the account annually to the Department of Treasury, using a Foreign […]

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