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Tech Taxes

The Debate Over Tech Taxes

The growth of digital services has resulted in a huge boost to national economies around the globe. What’s more, the expansion of digital services has meant that a great many people have access to a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities. The rise of digital companies has also presented a set of new problems […]

Cannabis ordinary business expenses

Cannabis Ordinary Business Expenses

The recreational cannabis industry is taking off in many states in the U.S. At present, ten states and the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational marijuana. As we discussed in a recent post, the State of New York may soon join the ranks and legalize recreational weed. If it does, New York’s cannabis retailers […]

serious corporate debt

Serious Corporate Debt

As we’ve seen, debt is something common to individuals, companies and even States. No entity is insulated from the possibility of acquiring a debt load. For many Americans, debt has become something of a staple of modern life. Americans commonly take on debt for college, automobiles, homes and other major purchases. If we just take […]

Corporate Tax Rate

State Corporate Tax Rates

The majority of the states in these United States have a corporate income tax which they levy on their in-state businesses. These corporate income taxes contribute toward the general fund of states and help further numerous state projects. Some states have a flat corporate tax rate, but most have a graduated corporate income tax which mirrors the […]

Cash Business Tax Advice

Cash Business Tax Advice

We’ve previously looked at tax zapper software. One observation we can make is that cash-based businesses certainly have special needs. Cash-based businesses, such as restaurants, convenience stores and cannabis dispensaries typically need special protections to ensure proper tax compliance. This is because these businesses often have difficulties keeping track of their sales. What’s more, these […]

Businesses Tax

Avoiding Business Tax Debt

When it comes to money management, corporations are in many ways very similar to individuals. Businesses often struggle when it comes to managing their finances and paying their debts and other obligations. Corporations often take loans which later become difficult to pay back. Corporations are subject to the corporate tax rate, and very often they […]

Understanding Depreciation Deductions

One of the best ways to avoid falling into tax debt is to minimize one’s tax burden. At MCC, one of our principal areas of specialization is the resolution of back tax debt. Given that this is the case, tax minimization is something we’re quite familiar with. On our blog, we’ve discussed quite a few […]


Quirky Depreciation Methods

Depreciation (and amortization for intangible property) is a central concept in accounting. Sometimes, depreciation is straightforward and makes intuitive sense. Other times, however, you really have to wonder who in the world came up with the particulat methodology. In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the more quirky depreciation methods and […]

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