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New York Beer Tax

New York Beer Tax Hiccups

A recent debate has emerged regarding the desirability of increasing New York’s tax on beer products. Any resultant tax increase will be used to fund various public projects, including education. The current New York State beer tax amounts to a lowly 14 cents per gallon. That’s among the lowest in the nation. In a new […]

sales suppression software

Sales Suppression Software

Okay, we admit the bad pun right at the get-go, but there’s something definitely fishy about this tax case. We’ve looked at illegal point of sale (POS) sales suppression software, aka tax zapper, cases in the past, but this one is a real stinker. It involves the fall of another restaurant caught using this software. […]

Cash Business Tax Advice

Cash Business Tax Advice

We’ve previously looked at tax zapper software. One observation we can make is that cash-based businesses certainly have special needs. Cash-based businesses, such as restaurants, convenience stores and cannabis dispensaries typically need special protections to ensure proper tax compliance. This is because these businesses often have difficulties keeping track of their sales. What’s more, these […]


Wayfair and NY Sales Tax

In the past, we’ve documented some of the complexity surrounding sales tax compliance here in New York State. As we’ve discussed, compliance with the sales and use tax in New York isn’t easy, as businesses have to account for a veritable minefield of rules and regulations. In view of the now well-known United States Supreme […]

Mississippi Tax Zapper Software

Mississippi Tax Zapper Software

Revenue suppression software is becoming an increasingly pressing topic in the world of state taxation. This is because states are becoming aware of exactly what type of impact this suppression software can have. We’ve touched on this topic several times in the past, and we will continue to feature articles on it in the future. […]

sales suppression

Sales Suppression Software Cases on the Rise

Sales suppression software cases are becoming more and more common. The use of sales suppression software, aka tax zapper software, involves software that modifies the reports generated by a point of sale, or POS, software system. Washington v. Sahagun The case we want to look at today involved a Washington State restaurant owner named Salvador […]

New York Budget

New York Budget Issues

Last year, we discussed the creation of the state budget here in New York. This was useful because it highlighted the current issues facing our state. This year, the state government settled on a budget of roughly $175.5 billion. This year’s budget responded to a variety of causes and concerns. After its passage, the government continued to hash […]

Form IT 2663

New York’s Form IT-2663

Here on our blog at MC&C, we’ve come up with a variety of ways to educate our readers and create value. One such way is the discussion of various tax concepts. Aside from this, another way is shedding light on the many different aspects of taxation here in New York State. One thing we haven’t […]

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