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Need a Tax ID

When The IRS Wants Records

While the number of audits was down again in 2016, the Internal Revenue Service nevertheless audited somewhat more than 1 million individual tax returns last year, the lowest amount since 2004. Citing reductions in the number of auditors available due to budget cuts, the IRS indicates the number of audits declined 16 percent from 2015, […]

Tax Attorney

7 Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney

  Even if you live under a rock, you are likely to know that the federal tax laws are complex. Indeed, according to a recent analysis prepared by the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy nonprofit organization, the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) consists of some 2,412,000 words, with the regulations that help “explain” that law […]

Unfiled Tax Returns

The Dangers of Unfiled Tax Returns

Most of us have heard the procrastinator’s motto: “Why do today what can be postponed until tomorrow?” When it comes to unfiled tax returns, however, the tomorrows start piling up to the point that you’re very soon in serious trouble. What dangers do you face if you have unfiled tax returns with the Internal Revenue […]

5 things the IRS looks for in an audit

5 Things the IRS Looks for in an Audit

When a taxpayer receives a notice from the IRS that the taxpayer’s return has been selected for an audit, there is no solace in knowing that such audits are rare – indeed, the overall individual audit rate is only about one in 143 returns. Even if the taxpayer is confident that every deduction taken is […]

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

People often ask, “how do I find the best tax attorney near me?” Of course, what they really mean is “how do I find the best tax attorney near me with the skill set necessary to take care of my unique problem or issue?”  Well, after 31 years of tax practice, first as an accountant […]

IRS Taxpayer Advocate

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate is Your Friend

Not many people seem to realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service maintains an independent organization within itself to represent the rights of Taxpayers. Called the Taxpayer Advocate Service, the Taxpayer Advocate exists to protect Taxpayers’ rights and ensure that Taxpayers’ receive fair treatment. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights Taxpayers have rights and the Taxpayer […]

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