The IRS Taxpayer Advocate is Your Friend

April 22, 2015

Not many people seem to realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service maintains an independent organization within itself to represent the rights of Taxpayers. Called the Taxpayer Advocate Service, the Taxpayer Advocate exists to protect Taxpayers’ rights and ensure that Taxpayers’ receive fair treatment.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Taxpayers have rights and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights contains the ten rights that all Taxpayers have when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. they are:

1. The Right to Be Informed;

2. The Right to Quality Service;

3. The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax;

4. The Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard;

5. The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision in an Independent Forum;

6. The Right to Finality;

7. The Right to Privacy;

8. The Right to Confidentiality;

9. The Right to Retain Representation; and

10. The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System.

The primary job of the Taxpayer Advocate Service is to make sure the the IRS applies these rights evenly to all Taxpayers. It also can help helps Taxpayers with common tax issues and situations such as how to address a mistake on a tax return, how to address a notice from the IRS or whether a Taxpayer needs tax preparer.

If you need help with basic Internal Revenue Service problems, the Taxpayer Advocate Service is a great place to start to get that help. For your more complex tax matters, contact the experienced New York tax attorneys at Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C. today. With over 30 years’ of tax experience and offices throughout New York State, we can offer experienced tax help.

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