Cannabis Tax

Cannabis Industry Tax

The cannabis industry is still relatively new and, as a consequence, it still has many tax issues to be resolved. Medical and recreational marijuana businesses are still dealing with a lot of uncertainty concerning tax preparation. There’s uncertainty about how to classify and deduct certain expenses, or whether these companies are eligible for the same kinds of […]


Wayfair and NY Sales Tax

In the past, we’ve documented some of the complexity surrounding sales tax compliance here in New York State. As we’ve discussed, compliance with the sales and use tax in New York isn’t easy, as businesses have to account for a veritable minefield of rules and regulations. In view of the now well-known United States Supreme […]

Mississippi Tax Zapper Software

Mississippi Tax Zapper Software

Revenue suppression software is becoming an increasingly pressing topic in the world of state taxation. This is because states are becoming aware of exactly what type of impact this suppression software can have. We’ve touched on this topic several times in the past, and we will continue to feature articles on it in the future. […]


PLR 9232030 & Sec. 1031 Exchanges

One of the most fascinating things about Section 1031 tax law is that relatively few cases have been resolved in court. Most of the opinions shaping the mechanics of Section 1031 exchanges, including PLR 9232030, come from non-authoritative sources, such as Revenue Procedures and Private Letter Rulings directly from the IRS. Documents from the IRS […] SEC Settlement SEC Settlement Matters

In recent articles, we’ve touched on initial coin offerings (ICOs). We’ve seen how the SEC has had to reprimand certain companies due to various ICO missteps made by digital asset companies. For instance, we recently looked at the case of Munchee, Inc., and discussed the specifics of the federal crackdown on Munchee’s proprietary digital coin. […]

SEC Cryptocurrency

SEC Cryptocurrency Involvement

On our blog, we’ve covered quite a few issues related to cryptocurrency taxation and tax collection lately. What we haven’t talked about yet is initial coin offerings. Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, are similar to initial public offerings, which occur when a private company becomes publicly traded. We’ve seen multiple initial coin offerings in the […]


FATCA Compliance Requirements

Back in 2010, former President Barack Obama signed into law the HIRE Act in an effort to accelerate recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. The HIRE act – short for Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment – endorsed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) at the time it was passed. FATCA is a highly significant […]

Private Tax Collectors

IRS Private Tax Collectors

The Internal Revenue Service has recently started a new collection program. Specifically, it has begun engaging in the practice of assigning tax debt accounts to private collection firms. This practice will change the game for debtors in a lot of ways. For one thing, private tax collectors will now be directly contacting tax debtors for […]

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