G(6) Restrictions

Understanding the G(6) Restrictions

In essence, a deferred or “delayed” 1031 exchange is simply the insulating of a given taxpayer from receipt of funds. Though a lot of other things may occur, this is the key thing which underlies everything else. This is the essential function of qualified intermediaries and third-party facilitators. Of course, an intermediary may offer counsel or provide […]

Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund Demystification

Hedge funds are some of the most well known, yet misunderstood, entities in the U.S. Nearly everyone has heard about them. Few, though, actually know how these funds operate. When most people hear the term “hedge fund,” they think of high risk, high stakes investing for the purpose of making the wealthy even wealthier. This may hold some […]

Insider Trading

Prominent Insider Trading Cases

Finance attracts a wide assortment of people. Given the stakes involved, it’s not too surprising that there are many highly talented, highly capable people in the financial world. Money has a unique way of attracting even the most prosaic people to its side. Not only is money attractive, it can also be something which causes […]

1033 involuntary conversions

Basics of Section 1033 Involuntary Conversions

As we’ve seen by examining Sections 1031 and 368, and other topics, the tax world is full of rules. If someone wants to pursue a career related to tax, he or she should definitely be comfortable following rules. In essence, the U.S. tax code is a vast web of rules.  They build on each other and create an […]

Student Loan Debt

Strategies for Paying Off Student Loan Debt 

Recently, we discussed the conditions under which it may be possible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. As we saw, discharging student debt in bankruptcy is very difficult. The vast majority of student loan debtors should not consider bankruptcy as a viable option to resolving their debt. A few people who meet the strict “undue hardship” standard […]

Tax on Stock Compensation

Tax on Stock Compensation

In general, investors purchase when they want to take part in the financial performance of a company.  This type of stock purchase is a type of investment property and receives special tax treatment. This tax treatment is “capital gains tax treatment”. The capital gains tax rate depends on whether the property is held on a short-term or […]

wage garnishment

Hiring an Attorney for Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment refers to the process of forcibly taking a portion of someone’s regular earnings.  Garnishment is one way that the IRS or New York State satisfies a tax debt. Garnishment can be used to satisfy all kinds of debts, though.  It can be used by creditors to collect credit card debt, medical debt, student […]

Allowable 1031 Exchange Closing Cost

What Is An Allowable 1031 Exchange Closing Cost?

As we’ve seen first-hand, there are many tax issues which come up when contemplating a Section 1031 exchange. In the past, we’ve discussed state taxation vs. federal taxation, leasehold improvement exchanges, reverse exchanges and the identification rules. All of these issues are important and should be studied carefully in order to ensure strict compliance with 1031 guidelines. […]

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