Illegal Debt Collection Practices

What Are Illegal Debt Collection Practices?

In an earlier post, we discussed the rights granted to debtors under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. As we learned, the Act covers most non-business consumer debts.  It applies to third-party debt collectors primarily engaged in the business of debt collection. Accordingly, it won’t stop your soon -to-be ex-brother-in-law from repeatedly call you at […]

IRS tax debt

4 Tips to Avoid IRS Tax Debt

Falling behind on personal income taxes can happen to anyone, but it’s not inevitable.  With just a little advance planning, taxpayers can reduce the likelihood of falling behind with the the Internal Revenue Service. Obviously, no one wants to end up with IRS tax debt problems, but some people simply end up facing insurmountable problems […]

Tax Warrants

Understanding New York Tax Warrants 

Falling behind on tax obligations is a very common phenomenon.  It can happen for a whole variety of reasons. As New Yorkers, we understand, perhaps better than anybody, the difficulty of balancing life with past and current tax obligations. It’s very common for New York taxpayers to get caught up with their many other responsibilities.  […]

Basis Shifting

Improper Basis Shifting in a 1031 Transaction

Contrary to what some people believe, tax avoidance doesn’t normally constitute a crime. Tax fraud is a crime, as is tax evasion. But the avoidance of tax doesn’t necessarily constitute a criminal offense.  That is, provided that the person avoiding tax only takes steps that comply with both the letter and spirit of the law. […]

Fair Debt Collection

Your Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Rights

Our readers know that falling into debt is something that can happen to just about anybody. People take on debt for any number of reasons – unexpected expenses, emergencies, business ventures, and so forth. Given the wide range of reasons why people go into debt, it should be no surprise that the federal government has regulated […]

NYC Tax Returns

A Guide to Filing NYC Tax Returns

The tax system here in the State of New York is a complex, layered system involving various kinds of taxes, forms, credits and exemptions. A survey of this vast system shows that it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by its complexity. Most New York taxpayers have precious little time to devote to mastering the […]

Seattle Head Tax

Amazon’s New York HQ2 & the Seattle Head Tax

As we’ve seen time and time again, cities and states always find new ways to generate additional revenue. No matter what else, governments always try to impose new taxes on their citizens.  That’s because they largely seek to provide public services and create a more equitable society.  With Long Island City a leading contender for Amazon’s […]

California's Soda Tax

Why California’s Soda Tax Matters to New York

By now, our readers should be quite familiar with the basic concept, purpose and distribution of soda taxes. As we’ve discussed, soda taxes are a specific example of sin taxes.  As we’ve discussed, sin taxes are designed to both deter harmful consumption and also fill the coffers of state treasuries. State and local governments throughout the country […]

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