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The Internal Revenue Service maintains a special voluntary disclosure program for holders of offshore accounts. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) differs in several particulars from the original.  Those, early, OVDI initiatives closed in 2009 and 2011. Our tax attorneys have considerable knowledge and experience with OVDP.  That enables them to provide exceptional representation for taxpayers that wish to comply with the terms of the OVDP.  We can also assist with the related Foreign Bank Account Report requirements for those in need.

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The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and FBAR Reporting Services We Provide

Dual citizens, recipients of gifts from foreign persons, beneficiaries of foreign trusts and others should utilize an Offshore Account tax attorney for assistance in complying with the amended tax return and FBAR requirements needed to comply with the Offshore Account rules. Our New York/Conncticut tax attorney typically both prepares and submits the OVDP pre-clearance as soon as a decision to comply has been made.  That’s because early filing is key to shielding a taxpayer from criminal charges. They then begin to gather information about the types and locations of Offshore Accounts and compile the necessary supporting financial information necessary to comply with the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program’s deadlines and FBAR requirements.

Our tax lawyers interface with the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division and accountants to ensure that clients receive timely pre-clearance and receive the necessary support for a successful offshore voluntary disclosure. We then advise our clients on the financial information necessary to amend their tax returns and comply with the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and discuss the unique details of OVDP, including applicable penalties. Our tax lawyers can also discuss reducing OVDP penalties to as low as 5% for qualifying taxpayers.

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