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Joseph M. Callahan – Tax Attorney

Filing your taxes is painful enough, but facing problems with your taxes can be a nightmare. When you need a proven tax attorney anywhere in the Capital Region, look no further than Joseph M. Callahan, Esq.  with an office located at 90 South Swan Street, we’re directly across the street from the Legislative Office Building, home of the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate.  In the heart of Albany, we’re centrally located to assist you with experienced tax attorney advice.

Albany tax attorney Joe Callahan brings a full 35+ years of legal and accounting experience to the table

Joe is ready to do what it takes to resolve your tax disputes and other tax issues. Joe strives to provide his clients with the very best tax advice, giving them the peace of mind they need to avoid the stress that generally comes when presented with a tax problem. You deserve that same level of protection and advice.

Your shield against NYS Taxation and the IRS

No matter what your tax issues are, Joe can act as a liaison between you and the taxing agencies, whether it be Albany or the Internal Revenue Service. Whenever possible, Joe handles all communications with the tax agencies, keeping your direct dealings with those agencies—and your stress level—at a minimum.

Joe understands the different collection methods employed by Albany and the IRS. He’s an Albany tax attorney that understands that every tax matter is unique, and he brings a seasoned attorney’s approach to the handling of back taxes and tax collection. He also knows how to navigate the Albany and IRS tax systems and is well positioned to handle complex tax matters such as tax audits, criminal tax inspections, unfiled tax returns, and the collection of back taxes.

Joe fully understands how these tax systems affect you, both at the New York State and federal level, but his attorney representation doesn’t stop there; Joe can help you with multiple tax issues, including:

Joe offers a well-rounded approach to tax planning and audits, and can represent you before several courts. Joe is admitted to practice in both the New York State and Connecticut court systems, the U.S. District Court, and the U.S. Tax Court, which means that Albany tax attorney can provide his Capital Region clients with comprehensive tax representation at any level.

Don’t despair about you tax issues—get help now!

If you’re in a tax bind, it can seem overwhelming. The pressure from Albany or the IRS  can be unrelenting, and it’s not unusual for people to just give up and try to ignore their letters . . . that is, until they receive a bank levy, wage garnishment, or Notice of Tax Lien. You should rest easy, though, knowing that Joe has the tax knowledge and experience to address any charges or tax assessments against you and help you resolve your tax problems once and for all.

Personal and business protection

Joe knows your rights under both the federal and state tax codes, and he knows how to best to manage your federal and state tax exposure. We can work with you to ensure that you obtain the best tax deal possible, whether that means a tax installment payment plan, offer in compromise, or obtaining “Currently Not Collectible” status.

We can also walk you through the intricacies of the IRS’s Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and advise you on how to avoid the criminal tax liability that arises from undisclosed offshore bank accounts and unfiled FBARs. Joe offers the kind of support and experience you need if you have offshore investments, accounts, or trust funds, if you own foreign properties, or if you have received an inheritance from a source outside the U.S.

With tax attorney  Joseph M. Callahan, Esq. working for you, what might seem like an unresolvable tax problem will become a manageable situation. So don’t waste any more time: for peace of mind, contact Joe today and take care of your tax dispute now, before it spirals out of control.

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