IRS Payment Agreements

7 Ways IRS Payment Agreements Can Help

Most Americans cannot afford to make a major purchaser – for example, an automobile – without some sort of installment payment agreement to pay off the debt. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that somewhat similarly, taxpayers may not be able to pay the full amount of federal taxes owed. Under many circumstances, IRS payment agreements […]

independent contractor tax advantages

10 Independent Contractor Tax Advantages

A recent report by Intuit, the software developer, says that by 2020, as many as 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors. The trend toward independent work is being spurred on by a number of factors. For example, many Americans are shunning “traditional” employee-employer relationships for the relative freedom associated with “being your […]

IRS Charity Requirements

7 Explanations on IRS Charity Requirements – And Why They’re Important

Charitable organizations have played an important role within American culture and society. Whether they are established for charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or other public purposes, they have enhanced and strengthened the American landscape for more than 200 years. Recognizing that incentives were appropriate to support the work of qualifying charitable organizations, Congress introduced the  individual […]

5 things the IRS looks for in an audit

5 Things the IRS Looks for in an Audit

When a taxpayer receives a notice from the IRS that the taxpayer’s return has been selected for an audit, there is no solace in knowing that such audits are rare – indeed, the overall individual audit rate is only about one in 143 returns. Even if the taxpayer is confident that every deduction taken is […]

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

People often ask, “how do I find the best tax attorney near me?” Of course, what they really mean is “how do I find the best tax attorney near me with the skill set necessary to take care of my unique problem or issue?”  Well, after 31 years of tax practice, first as an accountant […]

IRS Collections

IRS Collections: Reality or Scam?

IRS collections just got more complicated for taxpayers that owe back taxes. It seems like almost every day there’s a news story about the latest IRS tax scam or stolen identity data dump. It’s gotten so bad that the IRS has even taken to posting on You Tube about Tax Scams and Identity Theft. Tax Scams […]

Unclaimed 2013 IRS Refunds

Unclaimed 2013 IRS Refunds

If you, or someone you know, is owed a refund for 2013 federal taxes, the deadline for unclaimed 2013 IRS refunds is almost upon you.  April 18th of this year is the last day to file a personal income tax return for the 2013 tax year and still be able to claim a refund for […]

Private Collection of Overdue Taxes

Private Collection of Overdue Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service today announced that, beginning this month, it would begin private collection of overdue taxes.  This means that the IRS will use certain specified private collection agencies to collect overdue federal taxes.  The action was not unexpected and has had an almost two year roll out, having been authorized by an Act of Congress back […]

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