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IRS Tax Settlements

10 Tips Regarding IRS Tax Settlements

It is often said that the Internal Revenue Service is the toughest debt collector in the United States. Indeed, the IRS does have strong tools with which to extract money owed the U.S. Treasury for federal taxes. There are some situations, however, when taxpayers can enter into IRS tax settlements for less than the total amount […]

Unfiled Tax Returns

The Dangers of Unfiled Tax Returns

Most of us have heard the procrastinator’s motto: “Why do today what can be postponed until tomorrow?” When it comes to unfiled tax returns, however, the tomorrows start piling up to the point that you’re very soon in serious trouble. What dangers do you face if you have unfiled tax returns with the Internal Revenue […]

IRS Payment Agreements

7 Ways IRS Payment Agreements Can Help

Most Americans cannot afford to make a major purchaser – for example, an automobile – without some sort of installment payment agreement to pay off the debt. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that somewhat similarly, taxpayers may not be able to pay the full amount of federal taxes owed. Under many circumstances, IRS payment agreements […]

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

Best Tax Attorney Near Me

People often ask, “how do I find the best tax attorney near me?” Of course, what they really mean is “how do I find the best tax attorney near me with the skill set necessary to take care of my unique problem or issue?”  Well, after 31 years of tax practice, first as an accountant […]

IRS Collections

IRS Collections: Reality or Scam?

IRS collections just got more complicated for taxpayers that owe back taxes. It seems like almost every day there’s a news story about the latest IRS tax scam or stolen identity data dump. It’s gotten so bad that the IRS has even taken to posting on You Tube about Tax Scams and Identity Theft. Tax Scams […]

Private Collection of Overdue Taxes

Private Collection of Overdue Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service today announced that, beginning this month, it would begin private collection of overdue taxes.  This means that the IRS will use certain specified private collection agencies to collect overdue federal taxes.  The action was not unexpected and has had an almost two year roll out, having been authorized by an Act of Congress back […]

IRS Collection

Getting Thru the IRS Collection Maze

The twists, turns and switchbacks of the IRS collection maze are frustrating, confusing and daunting.  Here are 5 insights on how to make it through the maze as quickly and easily as possible. Entering the Maze:  IRS Collection Letters IRS Publication 594 sets forth a general description of the IRS collection process.  It details what a […]

Form 433-a

The Form 433-a and IRS Collection Actions

When a taxpayer can’t fully pay his or her taxes, the Internal Revenue Service usually allows the taxpayer to make payments through IRS an Installment Payment Agreement, or IPA.  Depending on the amount of the tax debt, the IRS may require that a taxpayer fill out tax forms such as the file a Form 433-a as […]

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