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Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Obtaining innocent spouse relief from income tax obligations isn’t an easy task.  I recently had a client come in and ask for help applying for relief and was reminded of the difficulties involved in obtaining that relief. In addition to the instructions for the Request For Innocent Spouse Relief (see below), IRS Publication 971 provides guidance about the process […]

Revoked Passport

Passports and Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt

According to the IRS website, seriously delinquent tax debt is about to become a problem for US travelers. Starting as early as March of this year, the US State Department might not issue or renew a passport for you. Under law about to be implemented, upon notice from the IRS, the State Department may deny, […]

New York OIC

New York State Offer in Compromise

I was recently researching  a New York State Offer in Compromise (OIC) for a client and thought it might make an interesting topic for this blog. New York Offer in Compromise (OIC) Similar to the Internal Revenue Service’s Ofrfer in Compromise, a New York State Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows financially distressed taxpayers a way to […]

IRS Notice

Got an IRS Notice? How to Respond…

So you just got an IRS notice.  The tax season is over, you got your tax return filed but you’re being notified that something’s amiss. What do you do? Don’t Panic! For starters, don’t panic. The IRS mails millions of notices and letters to Taxpayers each year for a variety of reasons. IRS letters typically are […]

IRS Taxpayer Advocate

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate is Your Friend

Not many people seem to realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service maintains an independent organization within itself to represent the rights of Taxpayers. Called the Taxpayer Advocate Service, the Taxpayer Advocate exists to protect Taxpayers’ rights and ensure that Taxpayers’ receive fair treatment. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights Taxpayers have rights and the Taxpayer […]

Back Taxes

Owe Back Taxes? You Need a Plan

With April 15th almost here, many of us  are busy preparing our own tax returns. Others are looking for that missing mortgage interest statement that somehow got lost between our shoebox full of W-2s, 1099s and the accountant’s office. Still others, though, are simply wondering how they’re going to pay the taxes due or, even […]

Tax Refund Offset

Tax Refund Offset to Pay Obligations

The IRS released a new tax tip today that I thought was worth passing on. It relates to the tax refund offset and certain federal or state debts. Under the Treasury Offset Program, the IRS is authorized to use all or part of your federal refund to settle certain unpaid federal or state debts. Here […]

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